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The Final Third of Life

55+: Arts Articles


It was a Christian Conference where words of testimony could be given if you had one. Not usual in many churches in America but the testimony that came forth was different.  It was a plea from heaven.  A cry to be heard and felt.  I don’t know if anyone else was a touched as I, but I will never forget it.  

She wasn’t particularly impressive, or pretty or finely dressed. Rather, she was mostly plain, frail and shy-like. When she first stood up I was a little embarrassed for her.  She was sobbing and leaning heavily on the podium as if she was about to fall under a heavy burden.  As concerned as I was, I felt compelled to stay seated and to pay attention. 

Her fist came down like a gavel and through her tears she cried out, “Where is my generation!  Where is my generation!  Where is my generation!”  It was both a question and a call to make a stand. Where is my generation?!!?

Her words rang in my ear like cymbals clashing together after a musical pause.  All the other voices faded and that one cry hung in the air, begging for someone to listen.  If no one else heard it as clearly as I did, it didn’t matter.  It absolutely resonated with my spirit.  I heard myself whisper my own confession, "Where am I, Lord?"

I am of that generation.  You know, the generation that gets AARP.  It just dawned on me, I don’t know what the letters AARP stands for, but I get the magazine.  It comes with a really good looking, healthy, obviously-photoshopped 55+ year old, man or woman on the front cover and an ad for Metamucil on the back.  Fantasy and reality.  Like it or not, I have officially entered the Final Third of life.  

Being in this season of life can be good, bad and/or ugly, depending on what choices I make.  I have to ask myself some serious questions.  Do I know my purpose for this season?  Am I falling in line with the world’s view or God’s?

This is My Generation. We are stronger, braver and wiser than we think.  The time we now have is giving us more than we dare to believe or ask.  Whatever it looks like, let’s take some risks and trust Him.  Let’s “see” our Final Third through His eyes, not the world’s.  Let’s declare with the psalmist...Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, forsake me not until I have shown Your strength unto this generation and Your power to every one that is to come. Psalms 71:18  


--Alice Turney

Photo credit: Alice Turney

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