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One of the things I put into my pocket every day when I go to work are my wireless headphones. I love these things. It has become a joke around the office because no one ever knows if I’m on the phone with someone. There’s always that check when they walk in to hand me something, “are you on the phone?”.

Now hear me out, this isn’t an advertisement for Apple Airpods. We have more than enough things screaming out for our attention. When was the last time you found yourself in complete silence during the day? Everywhere we go we have radios playing, podcasts on, YouTube, Facebook and other social media all crying out to be fed on a daily basis. I know more than one family that has at least one TV always on in their home either with a news channel or the latest kids show just to keep the rug rats from staging a rebellion from the living room. And I’m just as bad! I find myself deleting the YouTube app on my phone at least once a month because of how I develop this knee jerk response to open YouTube anytime I unlock my phone. Sure, the BJJ tips, book reviews, workout programs, and hilarious James Acaster videos fill me with joy but I can find myself sucked down the YouTube hole and way too much time flies by!

A couple of years ago God spoke to me while I was driving home from work. He challenged me to spend my time to and from work everyday in silence with Him. Now this may not seem revolutionary but I found that I had gotten so used to some sort of noise or distraction that the first couple days were hard. I found myself reaching to turn on the radio in the morning to listen to the morning radio show or putting in my airpods on the way home to finish up whatever book or podcast I had on the go. Or I found myself in one of those one sided conversation with the Lord which He so graciously listens to. The fact is so many of us know how to talk to God but how often do we stop to listen? The challenge was to sit in intentional silence being aware of His presence there with me. If that did lead to a conversation with Him great. If not then I found it became a time to defrag and decompress before the business of the day took over again.

It changed my time to and from work and helped me hear the voice of the Lord throughout my day. Now I see it as me putting on my spiritual airpods so I can find the station of God’s voice for that day. So when you step out to go wherever you go tomorrow make sure you set intentional time aside to tune into the station of God’s voice. Whether that’s time in the shower, time in the car, time in the gym where you would normally be listening to music, or out on a walk. Ask God to remind you of a specific habit you have everyday that can become your time to tune into Him. One word from Him brought light into existence. Don’t you want to hear what He has to say to you today?

--Devon Holshausen

Photo Credit: Media from Six

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