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Image by Khara Woods


“Leah, brighten the corner where you are!” This famous line was used by the woman who has always been my biggest fan and greatest critic. Her name is Mama. At some time or another I am sure we all have heard a version of this statement. It has become quite the cliche. Another similar saying is “bloom where you are planted”. We love it.  Inspiring us at just the right time, it makes for great stickers, journal covers, and home decor.

For me, such sayings have always been more of a challenge. The countless times my mom said these quotes did not exactly fall on “good soil”. To be honest, it was irritating. I would shrug it off, half-way listen, and usually just mutter a “mmhmm” in response. Behind the “mmhmm”, was doubt, cynicism, and frustration. You see, Mom always would seem to say such things when I felt like I was in a mundane place. You know the place. It's when you feel as though nothing you're doing is accomplishing anything. It’s the place where you feel insignificant, and start to wonder whether anyone would notice your absence if you slipped away. It is the time when every dream you thought was for you, seems beyond attainable, and clearly will not come to pass.

Those mundane situations are planting times, not harvest times. Let's be honest. Not many want to put in one hundred percent effort into work that feels unseen. We like instant gratification, public acknowledgment, recognition, pat on the back, and, of course, a title. It has taken me almost ten years to really understand why I detest those cliches so much. If I were truly to brighten the corner where I am, then I would have to accept that I was put there for a reason. Nine times out of ten, I didn't want to be there. I would have to believe that the Lord could and would use me in the most ordinary places to accomplish His will. I would have to trust that He does work all things for my good (as it says in Romans 8:28), and I would have to lay hold of the fact that He had my best interest at heart. Many times what feels like punishment, is protection. What looks like routine, is discipline and growth. He desires for us to bear fruit. I don’t know about you, but patience is not something He just gifted me without effort. I have walked through places that tested my patience. Many situations looked a lot like corners instead of paths, yet I was called to brighten those areas.

 We have the choice everyday to be a light, or to blend in. If we all would choose to brighten our corners where we are today, what kind of light would that bring forth? A candle is not meant to be hidden, (Matt 5:15). When we live a surrendered life for Christ, we carry light! Help us all Jesus, to brighten our corners for your glory! 

--Leah Wilson

Photo Credit: Wix Media

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